CSEC’s expertise covers the spectrum of developing and administering clinical skills examinations, allowing us to provide exactly what you need, when you need it. CSEC services include end-to-end development and administration of standardized performance testing of clinical skills, in high volumes and at multiple test sites. Along this spectrum are countless aspects of test development and administration that present challenges to those involved in implementing a clinical skills exam. To help your organization address these challenges, CSEC also creates workshops, scaled and customized precisely to meet the needs of your faculty, on a wide variety of such topics. For more information on how we can customize our workshops to your specifications, see Consulting & Faculty Development.

CSEC’s areas of expertise include:

  • Testing all aspects of the clinical encounter, including communication and interpersonal skills, patient examination, spoken English proficiency, and clinical reasoning
  • Developing standardized patient (SP)-based clinical skills examinations
  • Administering SP-based clinical skills examinations
  • Clinical skills test center design and operation
  • Recruitment and training of SPs
  • Training of raters for the post-encounter exercise
  • Quality assurance of examinations
  • Scoring and standard setting
  • Security of test materials
  • Examinee scheduling
  • Provision of test accommodations

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Last updated February 25, 2016.
Last updated February 25, 2016.